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Social Activist | Lecturer | Writer | Lawyer | motivation speaker

Sonal Joshi is an activist and works towards upliftment of women who are less empowered or are unheard by the patriarchal society. She also gives counseling to women who are going through a rough phase in their lives and are not able to get back due to personal reasons.

She is an entrepreneur, activist and the one who believes in women empowerment. Sonal Joshi talks about her goals, how her life revolves around making women stronger and practical, and how she motivates them to see a world which is ready to offer them a bright future. In an interactive interview with the team, let’s see in detail what she has to share.

What is the aim of my life?

The aim of my life is to educate women and empower them against domestic violence issues. I encourage people in the society to be a good listener to these women as that is what heals them.

I am an advocate and a motivational speaker. I always talk about how one needs to be humble to women who are suffering from such issues. I also give lectures on awareness to the higher secondary school teachers and principals.

What is the reason behind supporting women?

I have always been aggressive about women empowerment and looking at where we stand, it is important to make women feel better. Because with every rape case becoming public and political, we need to give women the kind of knowledge and practice to move on and stand for their thoughts.

being an advocate, I often tell my female clients to be financially independent as that will bring in a sense of freedom and will keep them away from feeling depressed.

Why do you think women who are less educated and exposed lack motivation to stand for their dreams and passion?

It all depends on the upbringing and the environment in which one is surrounded all the time. It is not with women who are less educated lack motivation, highly educated women face the same issue. The problem lies in being surrounded by people who think they know the world better than anyone else and don’t let women follow their passion or dreams.

Secondly, I feel a lot of women being emotional and not well exposed to the real world follow what’s influential with a blind eye and due to which they get distracted from what is good for them. I in the whole process of figuring out what’s good for them by comparing themselves to others, they tend to get into depression and feel sadder about their existence. to uplift them and make them feel good and valuable about their existence and to make their life worth living; you not only need to motivate women but need to motivate other people also in general.

What do you expect from womens and how do you like to predict the future for women?

First things first, women have been the future since its inception. They are fearless and unstoppable. They run the house, they deal with all the stressful issues and still spread happiness, a quality not everyone has.

My expectation from these women who are feeling depressed right now is, keep the faith alive, there’s something great for everyone. Work hard for what you want and shine out bright like always.

One message, which you would like to convey to all the young women out there reading this?

I want women to be on all the highest designations. We have it all and we need to prove it that we are not the ones who work according to our whims and fancies, but we work hard and give our best in what we do. We are not just practical about our work, we have our emotions attached with it, and that has more efforts than any work done practically.

Last but not the least, come what may, never think about how the society is going to react to your career choices, Be passionate and keep working hard to live and to make your dreams come true. Be financially independent even if you have a financially strong partner, This is what will keep you empowered throughout your life!

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